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Matters of the heart can

have the biggest impact

Energize your relationships and create deeper emotional connections with those you love.

Making Your “Must Haves” A Must

How to make your must haves present in your relationship

Finally, it happened. You found an amazing person.  Who feels the same way about you! Congratulations! There’s something incredibly special about finding someone who thinks you’re beautiful inside and out!

“I can teach you the relationship prerequisites we know
healthy couples do that will increase your odds of staying together and happy.”

It can feel both exhilarating and vulnerable to be so open
with your feelings.

Broken Hearts Happen To All Of Us

Find ways to take care of yourself and get back in the game

Ending a relationship is one of the most challenging experiences we humans have to deal with. Whether the decision was mutual or not, processing your feelings can be immensely painful.

You may not believe it now, but it happen to all of us, and is a tremendous opportunity for growth.

“Step into my office and you’ll find a comforting place to learn new insights and tools to work through what happened and what you need, without being judged or blamed.”

We can work together to try discover ways that we can make your next relationship stronger and more beneficial to you.

Find Your Way Back to Love

Give yourself the gift of a healthy emotional foundation

When two people meet and form a relationship, there is excitement, novelty, and the thrill of learning all about the other person in your life.

As time rolls on careers, bills, children, and other responsibilities begin to weigh you down.

“When you fall into the routine of daily responsibilities, it’s easy to in to neglect the aspects of your relationships that matter most.”

If you find yourself resigned to merely co-existing with your partner, it’s not too late. Communication is the key to remaining close, both physically and emotionally.

Taking The Next Step.

Make sure you’re both ready for whatever life throws at you.

Are you getting ready to move in together? Get married? Start a family? This is the time to build or re-build a stable base for your relationship. The work you do right now can help the two of you avoid problems down the road.

To make that happen, you need someone who will listen to both of you and help you listen better to each other. I am that ear.

“Together, we’ll focus on what’s important to you as a couple, whether it’s techniques for communication and spending time each other, or just how to deal with a pesky mother-in-law”

One thing we know for sure is that you have a bond. A history. And a future.  I can help you invest in your relationship, so it will better meet both your needs with relationship counselling in Edmonton.