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Authentic. Personable. Relatable

It Starts With Kindness

This is something I learned at a very young age

We’ve all had people in our lives who shaped us. For me, it was my grandfather. He was my hero. An important, respected school principal in town, who was kind to every person he met. He taught me to be the best Mallory I could be, and to love myself through thick and thin times.  He treated everyone with class and respect — from a homeless person to the mayor of the town.  

Seeing him act this way taught me a lot. And I’ve learned to find the positive perspective in negative situations. This is why I view every experience as an opportunity to grow.

“As your psychologist, I’ll be consistently on your side. You’ll feel respect and dignity.”

This could be the first place you feel understood. A place safe enough to disclose your feelings without being criticized.

I welcome the chance to work with you, and I hope to help heal your past and shape your future.

Music Is So Much More Than Just Notes

I find peace playing and teaching and sharing music

When I was younger, my salvation came from playing the piano. I have taught for over 11 years, and I still play for fun!

Just like the piano, healthy mental strategies must be practiced before they become second nature.

“If you’ve found yourself off key, let me help you get started finding the path back to healthy living.”

It will take discipline and time to start feeling better, but you’ve taken the brave first step already by coming to my website. Use our sessions as the “dress rehearsal” for your life you desire.


A Safe Place

Let my Edmonton office be your haven of support.

My Office in Edmonton

I pride myself on maintaining a warm atmosphere for my clients, where you can feel safe discussing your innermost insecurities.

“I want you to leave every appointment feeling more at peace about who you are.”

I have over 10 years of experience as a counselling psychologist working with individuals and couples across the lifespan. I’m passionate about the newest psychological research and spend my team learning new skills.  Being a Psychologist is more than a job for me, it’s a calling.  If I were to win the lottery, I would still do what I do.   

“You’ll have a counsellor who is up on the latest treatment styles, and who can relate to your particular challenges.”

I’ve been told by a previous client that I was a “breath of fresh air.” I hope that my uplifting spirit can give you the strength you need to reveal your vulnerabilities.

Not Your Mother’s Psychologist

A trusted, supportive listener who knows how to help.

You will find that I’m completely transparent and down to earth; a real person, probably a lot like you. Imagine feeling deeply understood and never judged…and by someone closer to your age than your parents?

On the contrary, you’ll find me to be transparent and honest with my feeling in our sessions.

You will receive acceptance, support and compassion no matter what you are facing or experiencing. You deserve your feelings to be respected and never judged.

“Our work together will help you become more self-aware and able to trust your own intuition for guidance as you navigate life’s challenges.”

I’ve had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get where I am today. I too sought help along the way, which made all the difference.

I’ve devoted my career to paying forward support and guidance I received, to help enable others to live the life they imagine for themselves.