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Kick anxiety

to the curb

It doesn’t own you.
That’s because you own you.

No One Needs To Be Anxious.

Take back every moment anxiety has taken from you.

Anxiety is a thief.  It often rob us of life moments, but it doesn’t have to be. You can turn fear into confidence, and turn nervous moments into joyful ones.

We’ll work together to lessen the power anxiety has over you and over your life. We’ll develop easy to master skills and techniques that curb the anxiety when it starts to bubble up.

“We’ll focus on helping you tap into your inner strength and empower you to be and live from your authentic self.”

The Need For Perfectionism

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Sound familiar? How many times have you criticized yourself for not doing enough? Or delayed doing work because you thought it needed to be perfect? Let me tell you a secret about perfect. It’s impossible. There’s no such thing.

Instead of trying to be perfect, we’ll work together to help recreate your expectations. You’ll be able to set reasonable goals and have realistic expectations. Now, you can excel at life and be the one in charge.

What Others Think Of Me…

Is None of My Business

Hours you spend worrying about what other people are thinking are wasted, unproductive hours.

This fear of judgment or disappointment or rejection is natural, and it’s often quite strong.

But it can sometimes be an anchor, weighing you down. I can help you turn this around.

“We’ll start by talking about your anxiety, where it comes from and how we can work with it. Together, we’ll find a way to loosen anxiety’s grip and help you live your life the way you want.”

Now, you can let people think what they think. Because, ultimately, they aren’t in control of you. You’re the one in charge.

From Out Of Nowhere?

Or, always there, just under the surface waiting to pounce?

Do you find yourself extremely anxious when things are not in our control? You may not realize it, but stress is always present. It’s often difficult to notice.

Think of it like a migraine – it takes a while to build, but once it has you, it won’t let go easily.

Together, we’ll work on ways to recognize stress much earlier, before it begins to avalanche and carry you away.

“You’ll become more comfortable with things that are not in your control, and recognize things you can do to decrease your need for control.”

We’ll look for the different levels of stress, and find techniques to head it off when it’s just a 3, instead of waiting around for it to get to 10.  With anxiety counselling, I will help you get out of your head, and get your life back the way you want it.